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Business Cards

AlphaKOR Business Card

Leave a lasting impression

Your business card represents your organization and company brand. Aside from displaying your important contact information, business cards are powerful communication tools that give your audience an impression of your business- and it may often be their first exposure to your company. Leave a lasting impression with AlphaKOR’s business card services.

Showcase your brand

Your business card is a powerful marketing tool that represents your company and your brand. It conveys important contact information and leaves a lasting impression.

Boost your credibility

What does your business card say about your organization? Your business card is an introduction to potential customers. A professionally designed business card can boost your organization’s credibility.

Generate Leads

We’ll display your important contact information and social media channels prominently and professionally on your business cards to create more lead generation opportunities.

Business Card Consultation

Do you have a dream business card in mind? Don’t know where to start? AlphaKOR will work with you to determine your business goals and business card requirements.

Business Card Design

The design of your business card is just as important as the content itself. Your logo, brand colours, shape, fonts, and more communicate a lot about your business before someone learns more about your products and services.

Business Card Printing

Did you know that you can have your card printed on a variety of stock design and weight options? Not only that, your business card can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes!

Our 3-Step Process

Business Card Consultation


Business Card Design


Business Card Printing



Are business cards still useful?

When designed professionally and used properly, business cards can be an effective marketing tool to set your brand apart and generate new leads.

What makes for an effective business card?

Designing a business card takes careful planning to ensure that it is effective. While you want to have your business information prominently displayed, less is always more. Effective business cards are ones that stand out through a unique and professional design.

What is the most popular type of business card?

The most popular type of business card is a rectangular-shaped card printed on 14/16 cardstock. This is slowly changing as businesses shift towards unique shapes, sizes, and cardstock.

Should a business card be double sided?

Business cards, while small in size, are valuable real estate to represent and promote your business. By having relevant business information on both sides of your card, you can communicate more about your business and brand.

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