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Erie James Limited

Quality Produce Since 1921


About Erie James

Erie James Limited is one of the most trusted suppliers of quality produce in Canada. Since 1921, they have earned their reputation through hard work and a commitment to customer service and innovation.

Erie James’ commitment to service has consistently earned them four-star credit ratings within their industry, as well as trust from their customers to deliver fresh and quality produce. Their long-standing success can be attributed to the consistent and exceptional quality of their fresh produce, which is grown in state-of-the-art greenhouses. 

Erie James is committed to providing fresh, safe, quality produce and excellence in products and services while enhancing valuable relationships and being a responsible corporate citizen.


Online Presence

Create an online presence of the Erie James brand with wholesale retailers.

User Experience

Create a strong user experience for wholesalers to learn more about the fresh produce offered by Erie James.

Brand Awareness

Increase the awareness of Erie James Limited as a brand, as well as their in-house brands including Cool Cukes™ and Sunsation™.

Brand Identity

Design a strong visual representation of the brand identity and product catalogue through text, image, and other multimedia tools. 

Online Visibility

Integrate an SEO strategy to increase the online visibility, value, and user experience of the website.


To reach the goals of Erie James Limited, AlphaKOR created a website based on four key strategic pillars: design, functionality, build & content.



AlphaKOR ensured a strong brand identity throughout the website development process by combining vibrant imagery, display fonts, and colour to create a single cohesive personality throughout the website. Vibrant imagery showcasing the Erie James products captured their passion for growing fresh, quality produce, and was used across the site. A cursive heading font and bold subtitle font create an interest in contrast while maintaining a minimalist design. Their brand colours, including Erie James Red and Cool Cukes Green were used across the site to draw visual attention with purpose.


The website is functional and responsive on desktop, tablet, and mobile devices for easy on-the-go access. The sitemap features easy and clear navigation across the top bar, as well as quick links to important pages on the footer. Links are embedded throughout the site to easily take the user from one page to another with ease.


AlphaKOR considered all aspects of the site build throughout development; including site speed, SEO integration, anti-virus protection, and reliability.


AlphaKOR strategically placed all Erie James content throughout the site to create the best user experience. Content was also developed to enhance their brand awareness, including vibrant collages featuring their product imagery placed on their main pages.

Check It Out

AlphaKOR is grateful for the opportunity to complete a project for an organization doing great things in the Southern Ontario community. Click the link below to view the live completed project. For inquiries, please contact us.

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