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Pureland America

Organic Grass-Fed Beef



Pureland America is a USDA certified organic beef supplier in the United States of America. They work with American farms who utilize a holistic management approach, ensuring all products are:

• USDA Certified Organic Grass-Fed

• Hormone Free

• Antibiotic Free

• GMO Free

Pureland America has created a business model that values the importance in environment, cattle & community; while minimizing the negative connotations that go along with the beef industry. It is truly a product of utmost quality and integrity and one we are proud to work alongside.


Online Presence

To create an online presence of the brand with both consumers & wholesale retailers in mind

Brand Identity

Design a strong visual representation of the brand identity and product catalog

Online Visibility

Integrate an SEO strategy to increase online visibility & value of the site

Social Presence

To enter Pureland America into the ongoing discussion surrounding the importance of grass-fed and finished American cattle farms


To reach the goals of Pureland America, AlphaKOR created a website based on four key strategic pillars: design, functionality, build & content.



AlphaKOR ensured a strong brand identity throughout the entirety of the web development process with the use of organic farm/beef product imagery, sans-serif font(s), Pureland America logo(s) and packaging, reputable brand voice, and green colors.


AlphaKOR integrated a sitemap allowing Pureland America to have all information desired while not sacrificing ease of navigation for both mobile and desktop visitors. Each aspect of the site’s dichotomy is there for a purpose, ensuring a value-driven proposition to whoever visits the site. Navigation used: The Story, The Product, For Retailers, Learn More, Contact Us.


AlphaKOR considered all aspects of the site build throughout development; including site speed, SEO integration, anti-virus protection, and reliability.


AlphaKOR generated each content piece with its intended beef consumer or wholesale retailer in mind while giving Pureland America an easy way to continually update the site with additional content moving forward. It was important to us that we deliver quality content that is on par with the Pureland America grass-fed product.

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Pureland America now has an online presence that properly represents who they are, what they do, and why they do it. It was a pleasure collaborating with them to bring purelandamerica.com to life!

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