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Google Search Advertising

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Convert More Online Sales

Do you know the benefit of advertising through the Google Search Network? You are reaching potential customers in their moment of need. The ads are shown to customers who are independently searching for your product or service.

Right Time & Right Place

Customers who are searching for products or services online have purchase intent! That is what makes Google Search ads so effective. The right time and right place.

Organic Ad Appearance

Google Search ads have a similar appearance to an organic search result. This increases the likelihood that the ads will be clicked on by customers.

Total Lead Control

Google Search integrates numerous different avenues that you can direct potential leads. Customers can be directed to a landing page, phone number, lead form, and more!

Google Strategy Development

AlphaKOR Group has 5+ years of success in developing Google Ad strategies for the businesses of Windsor-Essex County and beyond. The team will optimize your budget expenditure.

Google Ad Development

AlphaKOR Group will utilize the fidelities of your brand design to create eye-catching and click-worthy Google Search ads. Relevant terms, target audience, and competitors will be used for ads.

Google Campaign Oversight

AlphaKOR Group understands that the work doesn’t stop once the campaign is launched. The team will continue to monitor and optimize the campaign for the duration of its run.

Google Network for Advertisers

The Google Search Network is the flagship offering from Google and what most people think about when they think of the company. The Google Search Network is so large that the word “Google” has become the go-to verb for looking up information. Businesses have the opportunity to create advertisements that appear native to the organic search results below. This leads to an advertising platform that boasts high conversions through clicks on relevant impressions.

The Google Display Network is comprised of thousands of businesses that provide a dedicated space within their website to display graphics from Google Display advertisers. This creates endless targeting possibilities to spread brand awareness among communities that share common interests and activities. The Google Display Network gives advertisers an excellent opportunity to increase their impressions at a competitive cost.

Whenever a customer completes a Google search for a specific product they are shown a summary of available online products through the Google Shopping section. Google gives the opportunity to advertisers to run a smart shopping campaign. This campaign with showcase ads that are native to the Google Shopping section. A smart shopping campaign is perfect for advertisers looking to showcase specific consumer goods for sale and increase conversions.

YouTube is one of the largest video platforms in the world making it the perfect placement for your business’s video ad. If you are not aware, Google owns the YouTube platform and allows you to incorporate the platform into your campaign strategy. Since video is native to the platform, it creates the perfect landscape for longer view times and ad retention.


What's different between a search result and a Google Ads search placement.

There are two key differences between a search result and a Google Ads placement. The Google Ads placement either appears at the very top or bottom of the page (dependent on budget) and the ad will have a visual identifier showing that it is an ad. 

I heard ads on Google Search are expensive, are they worth it?

As with most online advertising platforms, Google Search is not inherently expensive. You set the budget that makes sense for you and your business! Google Search focuses on conversions & clicks as a result. For most businesses, this means leads, which can be a costly marketing target.

I have an SEO strategy, would I benefit from Google Search Ads?

Yes, you absolutely would! There are numerous instances where a Google Search ads campaign would supplement, diversify, or/and expedite an organic SEO strategy. This all depends on your current digital marketing efforts and how Google Search ads can fit into your digital playbook.

Do I need a website to run a Google Search ads campaign?

Yes, you will require an online landing page of some form to run a Google Search ads campaign. This does not necessarily mean a full-fledged website; however, there will need to be a URL to direct traffic. Although Google offers different targets (such as phone numbers) a website is native to the results.

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