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Blog Post Creation

alphakor blog post creation for businesses

Original Blogs With SEO Focus

Have you ever wondered why News websites always rank so high within Google? It is because they are pushing out fresh original content every day. You may not be a news site, but you can definitely start an online blog for your customers!

More Keyword Penetration

Have you run out of real estate to add more keywords to your website? You will naturally add more of those valuable keywords as a byproduct of keeping an updated blog.

Active Website Appearance

Ever been to a website that looks like it has not been touched in years? What does this say about the business to you? Leave no questions unanswered with an active blog.

Social Media Booster

Are you struggling to keep up with social media while running your business? Use your blog posts! A social media share would be a welcome sight to your customer if the content is relevant.

Original Written Content

AlphaKOR Group has a team of blog authors that are ready to research, draft, and finalize your blog’s written content. All content will go through an approval process.

Seamless Site Integration

AlphaKOR Group has a team of graphic designers that will seamlessly integrate your blog content to match the look and feel of your current website. 

Built With SEO In-Mind

AlphaKOR Group will use best practices to build your blog around a proven SEO structure. This creates a final product that is both SEO and visitor-driven.

Common SEO Terms & Definitions

A keyword (long or short) is a word or phrase that represents your content, services, or products in its simplest terms.

When your original content gets featured on another site with the intent of receiving a backlink in return.

A process completed by search engines to read a website.

The term for obtaining positive search engine ranking results without paying for advertisements or placements.

A program that allows online users to search for websites relevant to their desired interests. (i.e. Google, Bing, & Baidu)


Can I request blog posts on specific topics?

Absolutely! In fact, we encourage our clients to suggest the hot topics that their customers frequently ask about. This will allow your blog to be more authentic when you have a say in the topics that are discussed. While we will do our own research, we welcome your involvement.

Why should I invest in Blog Post Creation services?

When you hire our team of professional content writers, you’ll own content on your website that can attract customers, boost your online sales pitch, position your business as an industry thought-leader, and communicate your brand’s values.

How do you know what blog topics to choose?

By using top-rated industry tools, our team of blog writers will select the topics that are relevant to your industry. We ensure that all the blog topics we select are SEO-friendly, and offer benefits to your business and your customers. 

What kind of results can I see with a website blog?

Having high-quality blog content on your website works to boost your website’s SEO- meaning you can expect results such as higher click-through rates, increased traffic to your website, substantial growth in impressions, and more!

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