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Social Media

Improve your brand’s awareness, engagement, and conversion with a meaningful presence on social media.

Social Strategy

Work alongside the AlphaKOR Group design team to develop short-term and long-term social media strategies unique to your brand and business goals.

LinkedIn Lead Building

AlphaKOR Group will utilize LinkedIn as a platform to highlight, engage, and convert potential customers to increase your business’s customer base.


Work alongside AlphaKOR Group to improve the impact of your event on social media. Event social media includes awareness, coverage, and follow-up.



AlphaKOR Group will utilize its experience and knowledge of the social media platforms to optimize your brand’s accounts professional appearance.

Content Creation

Work alongside AlphaKOR Group to create impactful evergreen social media content. Remember… content development is king and queen in the world of social media!

Paid Advertising

AlphaKOR Group will create, optimize, and complete integrated paid advertising campaigns on the social media platform that best suits your advertising goals.

Paid Goal-Based Campaigns

Work alongside AlphaKOR Group to create numerous integrated paid advertising campaigns on numerous social media platforms to obtain long-term goals.

Social Media Management

AlphaKOR Group has the capacity to manage various aspects of your existing social media accounts including posting, community management, and more.

Brand Development

Work alongside AlphaKOR Group to develop the brand of your dream with visual and written content optimized for the platform(s) your brand utilizes.

All-In-One Packages

Take advantage of all your digital marketing avenues with one complete solution.

Website Design & Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Paid/Search Engine Marketing
Customized To Your Needs
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