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LinkedIn Lead Building

linkedin lead building for windsor businesses

Reach The Right LinkedIn User

LinkedIn is the professional’s social media, with all engagement centered on the prospect of completing career-related actions.

This makes LinkedIn the ideal candidate for B2B lead building. Are you reaching the right users with your LinkedIn communication?

The Benefits

Start Direct Communication

Start a direct line of communication with potential customers and use LinkedIn to “get your foot in the door.” LinkedIn targeting ensures these efforts aren’t wasted on the wrong user.

High Return on Investment

Deploying a LinkedIn lead building campaign will have a high return on investment if done correctly. This makes in an invaluable marketing tool for B2B businesses.

Create Lasting Relationships

Relationships that create the opportunity for repeat business are generated through the use of LinkedIn lead building. Direct communication makes the advertising more personal.

Our Lead Building

Profile Optimization

AlphaKOR Group will implement various best practices for LinkedIn profile and business page optimization to ensure the marketing is setup for success.

Target Market Creation

AlphaKOR Group will work in tandem to create your ideal target market for lead building. This selection will include region, age, profession, companies, interests, and more.

Campaign Management

AlphaKOR Group will manage your lead building campaign from start to finish. This allows you to focus on following up with the LinkedIn leads provided and forget the minor details.

Potential Leads on LinkedIn

LinkedIn houses senior-level positions for all verticals of business within its user database. Dependent on the offering you provide, your advertising dollar could be wasted on reaching individuals who do not have the seniority to use your offering in the first place. Useful for: IT Companies, Professional Cleaning Services, Building Development, Building Security, and much more.

LinkedIn houses entry-level positions for all verticals of business within its user database. This is very beneficial if you offer a good/service that is required for users entering a new field of work. Useful for: Safety Equipment Manufacturers, Tool & Equipment Manufacturing, Education & Personal Development, and much more.

LinkedIn houses local companies all verticals of business within its database. This is very beneficial if your good/service has a limited range it can be provided to. Useful for: Landscaping/Snow Removal, HVAC Services, IT Companies, Building Security, and much more.

LinkedIn houses international companies for all verticals of business within its database. This is beneficial if you are looking to expand your operation to international countries. Useful for: Logistic Services, Pharmaceuticals, Manufacturing, International Sales, and much more.


Does My Business Need a LinkedIn Page?

AlphaKOR Group recommends that all businesses take advantage of the benefits of having a LinkedIn page. Beyond lead building, LinkedIn is a powerful tool for employee relations and community building.

How Do I Get My Employees Engaged?

Employee engagement is a powerful tool that can make or break your success on LinkedIn. Try implementing in-house contests and activities with your employees if you are having trouble improving internal engagement.

Is LinkedIn an Expensive Ad Platform?

LinkedIn can easily become one of the most expensive advertising platforms online (due to its targeting capability). This can be minimized by putting your advertising spend where it is most needed.

How "Personal" Can I Be With My LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the “professionals” social media; however, this needs to be taken with a grain of salt. The messages you promote on LinkedIn should follow your brand direction. If you brand is “personal,” then so should your messaging.

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