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Website Design

Your business deserves a website that is as functional as it is visually appealing.

Standard Design

Work alongside AlphaKOR Group to build a website that properly represents your business and provides an excellent online experience for all visitors.


Work alongside AlphaKOR Group to create a website that gives your customers a streamlined purchase process and operates as your digital storefront.


Site Add-ons

AlphaKOR Group will build and implement all manners of website add-ons to improve your site’s online functionality, visitor capabilities, and much more.

Hosting Plans

AlphaKOR Group offers two variations of secure website hosting plans to ensure that your website has the security and speed your business needs.

Application Hosting

AlphaKOR Group offers application hosting services to ensure your vital applications stay online and accessible to all of the users who rely on it.


Hosting Support

AlphaKOR Group offers live support for the hosting of your website and/or application to ensure that costly online downtime is minimized.


Hosting Add-ons

AlphaKOR Group will implement various hosting add-ons to improve the performance and capabilities of your website and/or application.

Domain Registration

AlphaKOR Group will strategize, register, and maintain your desired domain to ensure that your website is parked at the address best suited for your business.

Website Support

AlphaKOR Group offers live support for all technical aspects of your website to ensure that costly online downtime or problems are minimized.

Website Maintenance

AlphaKOR Group will implement website development best practices to perform on-demand or reoccurring maintenance to your website.

All-In-One Packages

Take advantage of all your digital marketing avenues with one complete solution.

Website Design & Maintenance
Search Engine Optimization
Social Media Marketing
Paid/Search Engine Marketing
Customized To Your Needs
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