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Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre



The Windsor Essex Child/Youth Advocacy Centre (WECYAC) provides a safe location for children/youth to disclose their abuse to a specially trained team of professionals.

Prior to WECYAC, children/youth subjected to abuse were interviewed in several locations around the community with numerous individuals.

By minimizing the number of times children/youth must tell their story, WECYAC is able to reduce the trauma experienced with disclosure.

We believe that kids should only have to tell their story once!


Online Support

Provide the best online support platform possible for youth to utilize when dealing with traumatic situations

Community Awareness

Create awareness within the community of points of contact and emergency help

Brand Awareness

Create awareness of WECYAC event locations, media opportunities and donation avenues

Internal Communication

Create an internal intranet setup for ease of scheduling and communication between board members


To reach the goals of WECYAC, AlphaKOR created a website based on four key strategic pillars: design, functionality, build & content.



AlphaKOR needed to create a website that would be a fitting representation of the safe place that WECYAC is for the youth within the community. To accomplish this, we decided upon soothing colour tones, a minimalistic layout, and a high-quality visual representation of strength in compassion.


The website is fully functional both on desktop and mobile devices, for easy on-the-go access for when you need it most. With target demographics including WECYAC Professionals, WECYAC Youth, WECYAC Parents & WECYAC Information Seekers, it was vital for the site to be responsive to their specific life situations.


The Board of Directors required an online portal to share internal documents including meeting agendas, announcements, and operational information. AlphaKOR integrated this desired functionality into the background of the site build.


AlphaKOR created value-driven content to fill the WECYAC site, with every piece fulfilling an intended purpose. Content development included: Internal Updates/Events, WECYAC Mission & Values, Operational Processes, Emergency Aid Informational, Volunteer Opportunities & more.

Check It Out

AlphaKOR is grateful for the opportunity to complete a project for an organization doing great things within the Windsor-Essex community. Click the link below to view the live completed project and contact us if you have inquiries.

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