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Managed IT Services

Experience True IT Performance

Help Desk / NOC

We have the ability to get involved with low to high-level issues that will cause long term damage to your business if they go unnoticed. With AlphaKOR’s Service Desk, you will get notified immediately of any threats against your IT network.

A smarter way to keep a pulse on your network & business health.

  • Always be on top of your infrastructure’s health without having to dedicate your time to your network.
  • Make smarter business decisions by measuring long term IT performance, asset management, regulatory compliance, and business impact reporting.
  • Experience a high R.O.I. by not having to pay for unexpected errors and malfunctions.
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IT Staff Augmentation

Got a big project on the horizon? Don’t have enough IT resources to make your desires a reality? Maybe you need a temporary boost in a transition period? Our IT Staff Augmentation is the solution. AlphaKOR has the ability to augment your IT potential by supplementing your staff with AlphaKOR clones. The AlphaKORian tech experts will help you reach true IT performance.

Boost your network’s potential.

  • Augment your existing IT department.
  • Add additional network capabilities.
  • Fill temporary IT resource requirements.

The AlphaKORian IT Staff Augmentation experience is based on strong reporting, easy on-boarding and instant mobilization.

it staff augmentation through alphakor

True IT Partnership

AlphaKOR has the ability to get involved in even low-level issues and provide regular IT updates.

Network Security

Every company requires some level of Information Technology investment, especially IT security; from anti-virus to threat detection. When was the last time you challenged your security methods? How long will it take your company to recover from a security failure? These are the realities that a business owner must face if they plan to have a secure IT network. Don’t think you would be targeted by outside hackers? 1 in 3 security breaches originate internally.

Have you thought about your cybersecurity?

Security threats on your data are vast and calculated. Threats today are often designed for monetization; either through theft of corporate secrets or through the acquisition and abuse of identities and credentials. Even the largest companies (SonyYahoo and Uber to name a few) have experienced trouble from breaches in security. It is up to you as a business owner to protect your company’s information as if it were physical property at one of your locations.

A smart investment and rule of thumb is to invest 7.5% of your overall IT budget to information security. Security controls help you detect and resolve breaches quickly, helping to contain the cost of security overall.

Percent of Cyberattacks Target Small Business

Average Number of Days to Detect a Breach

Percent Of Victims Cannot Detect the Breach

AlphaKOR Cybersecurity

AlphaKOR has deployed security practices for many companies across North America. Our clientele includes management, industrial, construction, manufacturing, and sales firms. We provide a full range of services required to ensure absolute security for your organization.

Assess, Detect, Prevent, Eliminate.

AlphaKOR’s proven methodology in intrusion testing ensures your business is safe from the inside out and we have worked with clients that range from small businesses to multi-location operations. AlphaKOR is one of the only companies in the province with a Certified Ethical Hacker on staff. This designation allows for the analysis of security within your network to outside threats. By instituting the industry standard of intrusion controls, AlphaKOR Group will keep you protected from security threats.

virus detection software for businesses

Single Cost Predictability

One set cost for a complete managed services package eliminates unexpected IT expenses.

Disaster Planning

In today’s globally connected world, customers, partners, and mobile users need access to your data and applications 24/7. Proactive measures are required to ensure the resiliency of your business IT infrastructure and provide near-immediate service recovery for mission-critical applications.

Do You Have A Contingency Plan?

As a CIO, CEO, or IT Manager, it is your responsibility to secure an IT/business recovery plan as well as the proper resources to execute that plan. You should have a clear path to follow in case of a partial or complete system failure.

What are the possible failure scenarios?

What is your company’s critical data?

How will you verify a successful backup?

How long will you save your backups?


Do you know the wait-time to restore a backup?

Where will your backup be stored?

Have you planned for damaged servers?

Alphakor Disaster Protection

With AlphaKOR’s all-in-one managed services, you put your disaster scenario in the hands of our professional AlphaKORian IT team. Your service network is covered. Be ready for the inevitable.


Disaster Plan Creation

  1. Creation of a plan for various IT network disasters.
  2. Guide to implementation in case of IT network disaster.
  3. Adjustments to be made as the IT network grows.
alphakor group disaster plan creation

Backup Storage

  1. The regular creation of organizational data backup.
  2. Storage on AlphaKOR’s servers outside of the business’s infrastructure.
  3. Implementation help when needed in time of IT network disaster.
backup storage in it server room

Core Network Peace of Mind

AlphaKOR serves to care for all devices that are critical to your network and business operation.

Business Continuity

Critical to any managed services package is the continuity strategy. In the event of business process and systems becoming disrupted, timely implementation of alternative methods to maintain production and productivity are vital.

vITM: It takes experienced professionals with years of knowledge and exposure within the field of technology to properly maintain business continuity. AlphaKOR eliminates the need for you to have the experience on-site, we will monitor your systems for you. AlphaKOR professionals have a plethora of IT experience with various companies from all different fields of work. If something happens to your network, the AlphaKOR continuity team has seen it before and will know how to properly mitigate the IT issue.

Top level business functionality management.

Business Continuity is relative to the backbone of the company. It ensures your company has everything running: (1) at the moment and (2) for years to come with systems in place that will mitigate unforeseen issues.

it specialists monitoring network activity

Cloud servers

AlphaKOR’s Solution Architects will work with you to understand your organization’s requirements and provide recommendations based on the outcomes you want to achieve using a 5 Step Approach.

Architecture designed for your unique business goals.

  1. Business Requirements Analysis: An AlphaKOR Account Manager and Solution Architect will sit down with you to gather information on your business requirements related to security, scalability, efficiency, profitability and financial tolerances.
  2. Baseline Assessment: An AlphaKOR Project Manager will be assigned to assess the current state of your network and IT processes for gaps against your business requirements.
  3. Future State: An AlphaKOR Solution Architect will review your business requirements against your baseline assessment and develop Future State recommendations to modernize your organization based on an On-Premise, Hybrid-Cloud or Cloud Architecture.
  4. Recommendations: An AlphaKOR Account Manager will simplify and prioritize your solutions based on urgency and positive business outcomes. They will also discuss how to favorably control the financial impact of modernizing your IT.
  5. Implementation: An AlphaKOR Project Team will be assigned to implement your solution while minimizing any related impact to your operations.
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Designed to provide your organization with full on-site control over its data, applications, and security while minimizing operational expenditures.

hybrid cloud server icon

Designed to help your organization take advantage of both architecture models so that your organization can focus its resources on critical data and applications.

cloud servers icon

Take a hands-off approach to your organization’s infrastructure requirements with low impact to cost while being able to rapidly scale your operation.

One Complete Managed Solution

Spend more time on growing your company’s core competencies and less time on it’s network.
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