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Cloud Security

Cloud Security

Protect Your Sensitive Data

The cloud is a great place to store your data, but is your cloud infrastructure secure? Cloud security works to protect your data, applications, and infrastructure from threats and vulnerabilities.

Enhanced Data Protection

Protect your secure files, data, and communications on the cloud with enhanced data protection. We’ll safeguard your data against malicious actors and threats.

Threat Detection

Detect and be aware of known and unknown threats in real-time. We’ll respond to each threat before it ever reaches you to keep your data safe.

Control Your Data

Configure control settings that best suit your organization’s needs such as enabling privileged access, user controls, and more.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) Service with SOC monitoring

The AlphaKOR SIEM solution provides a proactive approach to event monitoring with real-time alerts, trend analysis, and threat intelligence.  The AlphaKOR SOC solution provides a specialized team of cybersecurity professionals within a secure facility who monitor and analyze an organization’s security posture and defend your cloud environment on an ongoing basis.

Managed Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Service with SOC Monitoring

EDR prevents malicious files or scripts from running on an endpoint within your cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Threat Detection and Response

Cloud Security enables protection against top threats to your organization from cloud business application compromise such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive, Google mail, Google drive etc.  Data from Cloud applications are collected and monitored by our 24×7 Security Information Centre (SOC) team. 

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Did you know that 1 in 4 organizations that use public cloud services have experienced loss by cybercriminals? Many organizations choose to store their data in the cloud and must be wary of the potential for cyberattacks including theft, loss, ransomware, and more. Security threats are evolving and becoming more advanced and frequent against organizations whose data can be exploited.

For any organization that uses the cloud to house important company documents, files, and information, investing in cloud security is essential.


What is cloud security?

Cloud Security is the protection of cloud-based infrastructure, data, and systems through various technologies, procedures, controls, and policies. These security measures work to protect an organization’s data, customer privacy and are compliant with regulations.

How is cloud security maintained?

One of the best ways to maintain the security of your cloud infrastructure is with 24/7 continuous threat detection & rapid response with a Security Information Centre (SOC) team.

Is cloud security reliable?

With the proper cloud security measures in place, your organization’s data is safe within the cloud for all users. Cloud security is a reliable IT solution that allows your business to use cloud storage confidently. 

Is cloud security expensive?

Cloud Security Services is a monthly investment to protect your organization against cybersecurity breaches including theft, loss, ransomware and more.  The cost of a cybersecurity breach can far outweigh the monthly investment of Cloud Security.

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AlphaKOR will design, plan, and implement the best IT infrastructure for your organization. 

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We deliver the cloud infrastructure components over a secure internet connection so that you can focus on what matters.

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Flexible infrastructure for your applications and workloads.

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