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Document Management

Cloud Document Management

Access your data anywhere, anytime

With cloud document management, you’ll be able to store, manage, and access your data from a single point of contact- anytime, anywhere! 

Enhanced Security control

Control the security of your sensitive information with easy-to-use access controls.

Backup & Disaster recovery

Document management on the cloud makes it easy to backup and recover your data in the event of a disaster.

Real-time Collaboration

Easily collaborate with your team in real-time to create, write, store, and manage your documents.

Easy Storage

Storing your files has never been easier with cloud document management. Not only is cloud management cost-effective, but it eliminates the need for physical data storage.

Track Important Documents

Cloud document management makes it easy to track your documents with tools like search, share, and revision history.

Efficiently Manage Documents

Manage your documents any time whether you are in the office or working remotely.

More Service Information

Microsoft SharePoint Online helps make document management easier than ever with features like:

  • Fast storage of documents 
  • Easy to organize documents
  • Search tools that make finding documents fast and easy
  • Real-time collaboration so you can work with your team no matter where they are
  • Seamless workflow
  • Edit a file with multiple users
  • Control the security of your files with user permissions
  • Import data from external software



How do I control who has access to my data?

Document Management Systems (DMS) such as Microsoft SharePoint make it easy for you to allow or restrict access to specific users through an admin portal. In the admin portal, you can restrict document access to users within your organization specifically, as well as control individual permissions.

Can Document Management Systems integrate with my business seamlessly?

Document Management Systems such as Microsoft SharePoint can integrate seamlessly with your organization’s infrastructure with the help of AlphaKOR. We’ll review your infrastructure and customize the DMS to fit your needs.

What happens to my data if the cloud fails?

We recommend AlphaKOR’s SaaS Backup Service.  Microsoft does not guarantee against data loss for its cloud services.  Benefits include 3x/day automated backup for Office 365’s Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint, Team Drives, email, calendar and contacts. Additionally, restore individual files or groups of files back into a user’s account, or export them directly to a machine. 

How secure are my documents on the cloud?

Your documents are protected on the cloud in many ways including the use of firewall protection, access controls, and unique user ID verification.

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