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Managed Services

Supporting Business IT Operations

IT Partnership

Align your technology strategy with your business strategy with our IT consulting services. We help you assess different technology strategies that work best for your organization.

Help Desk

We have the ability to get involved with low to high-level issues that will cause long-term damage to your business if they go unnoticed. With AlphaKOR’s Service Desk, you will get notified immediately of any threats against your IT network.


IT monitoring is a system of tools used to analyze trends in CPU and RAM usage within your IT infrastructure. The purpose of IT monitoring is to determine the health status of your IT infrastructure, improve the performance of your products, and automate repairs when issues arise.

IT Security

IT security works to prevent unauthorized access to your business resources, networks, and data. It is a set of strategies developed and implemented by our expert technicians to keep your business protected.

Planning & Strategy

Is your IT infrastructure aligned with your business strategy? We work with your organization to optimize your IT infrastructure for your current and future business needs. Reduce the risks associated with your business continuity with AlphaKOR’s IT planning and strategy services.

Business Continuity

Critical to any managed services package is the continuity strategy. In the event of business processes and systems becoming disrupted, timely implementation of alternative methods to maintain production and productivity are vital.

Disaster Planning & Recovery

In today’s globally connected world, customers, partners, and mobile users need access to your data and applications 24/7. Proactive measures are required to ensure the resiliency of your business IT infrastructure and provide near-immediate service recovery for mission-critical applications.


Choose the level of support that is right for your business and your budget. As part of our Managed Services, we offer vCIO and vITM support. Get consistent, expert information technology advice so that you can run your business optimally.

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