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Business Continuity

Business Continuity

The backbone of your organization

Critical to any managed services package is the continuity strategy. In the event of business process and systems becoming disrupted, timely implementation of alternative methods to maintain production and productivity are vital.

Business Strategy

We’ll create a strategy for your business to ensure continuous operations in the event of a disruption.


Your custom business continuity plan will cover the steps related to the continuity of your organization’s structure, skills, communications, and employee responsibilities.

Applications and Data

The plan will cover the steps related to the continuity of software and applications for your organization.

Processes and operations

Your custom business continuity plan will include information related to general business and IT processes to ensure smooth operations.


Enable continuous business operations with a plan that addresses your systems, network, and technology.

Disaster Recovery

If your facility is destroyed in the event of a disaster, the business continuity plan will outline a plan for continuing operations.

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For your business continuity plan, we will perform a business impact analysis that will:

  • Identify risks
  • Identify threats
  • Identify vulnerabilities
  • Establish priorities
  • Identify impacts of a potential outage 
  • Measure your organization’s ROI 
  • Assess the current roadmap and determine what can be improved 


Your business continuity plan will derive from your business impact analysis and design a strategy that will review:

  • Policies and procedures
  • Your organization’s crisis team
  • Resuming business
  • High availability 
  • Disaster recovery

The goal of this review is to align your business plan and technology plan.

Your custom business continuity plan will strategize for resilience in the following areas:

  • People 
  • Processes
  • Plans
  • Strategies
  • Networks
  • Platforms
  • Facilities



Why is a business continuity plan important?

A business continuity plan identifies and assesses your organization’s resiliency between business processes, applications, and IT infrastructure. It is critical that businesses can withstand threats and be resilient in the face of disaster. Doing so will avoid unexpected costs and additional downtime.

Does a business continuity plan address periods of maintenance?

In any event of planned or unexpected downtime, your custom business continuity plan will address how to operate and recover during operational downtime.

Do small businesses need a business continuity plan?

No matter the size of your business, a business continuity plan is the backbone of your business. In the event of a disaster, your business must be prepared to take action in order to continue successful operations.

How often should a business continuity plan be updated?

Organizations should reassess their business continuity plan at least twice annually. Today’s IT landscape is changing constantly, so it’s important to employ a team who can create a strategy for your business that complements your IT infrastructure. 

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