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Cloud Threat Detection and Response

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Protect Your Cloud From Threats

AlphaKOR’s Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CTDR) services enable protection against top threats to your organization from cloud business application compromises such as Microsoft Office 365, SharePoint and OneDrive, Google mail, Google Drive, and more. 

Detect Suspicious Activity

AlphaKOR’s Cloud Threat Detection and Response services scan your network 24/7 to detect any suspicious activity in your cloud network. 

Automated Threat Response

Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that any threats that attempt to harm your network will be responded to automatically. 

Real Time Threat Monitoring

We’ll detect threats against your cloud network in real-time to provide your business with the best coverage. 

Event Prioritization

To effectively manage threats against your network, AlphaKOR prioritizes suspicious events based on the risk posed against your network.

Specialized Security Team

AlphaKOR’s specialized team of cybersecurity professionals monitors and analyzes your organization’s security posture to defend your cloud 24/7.

Consolidated Visibility

We provide continuous and consolidated visibility of your users, privileges, and activity across your business’s cloud applications and services.

More Service Information

Data from Cloud applications are collected and monitored by our 24×7 Security Information Centre (SOC) team. Our 24×7 SOC works to monitor active threats and helps to respond appropriately.  If a threat is determined to be malicious, then the SOC will take immediate action that will not impact operations in order to mitigate the damage. Monitoring of potentially suspicious behaviours includes:

  • Viewing mail forwarding rules
  • Emails reported with malware
  • Unfamiliar sign-in properties
  • Who is logging into the environment
  • The geographic location of failed logins
  • Phishing attacks

Reports are available for a specified date and time range for easy review of what has been monitored and prevented.


What are the benefits of CTDR?
Cloud Threat Detection and Response (CTDR) offers your business’s cloud network many security benefits, including 24/7 monitoring of threats, experienced security experts who oversee your organization’s defences, managed endpoint protection, and more.
Why do I need cloud threat detection and response?

With basic cloud security measures in place, attackers can still successfully post a threat to your business network by leveraging attack techniques such as spear phishing, brute force attacks, credential stuffing, social engineering and more. With Cloud Threat Detection and Response, any suspicious activity and attacks made against your network are automatically detected and responded to.

What is the benefit of Consolidated Visibility?

With AlphaKOR’s cloud threat detection and response services, we consolidate your network’s visibility to easily detect threats and risks and proactively hunt for security issues. Consolidated visibility aids in our threat investigation, and allows us to respond to incidents quickly.

What types of threats is my cloud network vulnerable to?

Without the proper security measures in place, your cloud network could be vulnerable to threats, including ransomware, unknown malware, file-less attacks, zero-day threats, phishing, and more. 

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