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Disaster Planning & Recovery

Disaster Recovery Plan

are you prepared for a disaster?

In today’s globally connected world, customers, partners, and mobile users need access to your data and applications 24/7. Proactive measures are required to ensure the resiliency of your business IT infrastructure and provide near-immediate service recovery for mission-critical applications.

Contingency plan

As a CIO, CEO, or IT Manager, it is your responsibility to secure a business recovery plan as well as the proper resources to execute that plan. We’ll create a clear path to follow in case of a partial or complete system failure.

minimize disaster

A disaster recovery plan will contain strategies to help minimize the effects of a disaster so that your organization can continue operating.

Avoid lost revenue

No matter what kind of disaster you are experiencing, a disaster recovery plan will contain strategies and a plan to follow to avoid lost revenue, brand damage, and unhappy customers.

Recover from a disaster

Disaster recovery plans provide detailed steps for your organization to follow to get back up and running in the event of a man-made or natural disaster, cyberattack, and poweroutages.

avoid lost data

A custom disaster recovery plan for your organization helps you prepare for disasters before they happen by ensuring there are measures in place to protect your data from full or partial loss.

Restore Service Rapidly

The last thing you want in the event of a disaster is to leave your customers without service. Disaster recovery plans work to outline and plan the steps for a quick restoration of service.

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Disasters, whether manmade or not, can strike your organization at any time. It is important to prepare your organization to prevent the full or partial loss of data, as well as what to do to recover data and resume operations in the event of a disaster. If your organization is not prepared for a disaster, your organization could suffer from loss of revenue, customer satisfaction, as well as experience major downtime and be forced to spend unplanned costs towards recovery measures.

Organizations should have a disaster recovery plan to:

  • Limit the extent of damage on IT infrastructure
  • Minimize service interruptions
  • Train employees for emergency procedures
  • Restore operations smoothly and quickly
  • Establish an alternative plan for operations in advance


With AlphaKOR’s managed services, we will design your disaster scenario with our professional AlphaKORian team. Your service network is covered. Be ready for the inevitable.

Our expert technicians will create a plan for various IT network disasters, a guide to implement the plan in the case of a disaster, as well as make adjustments to the plan as your infrastructure scales and grows.


How long will it take to restore a backup?

The time it takes to restore a backup depends on how much data needs to be restored for your organization. Other external factors and conditions may also influence the time it takes to restore; however, our IT technicians work to restore your data as quickly and safely as possible.

What is included in a Disaster Recovery plan?

Disaster recovery plans focus on creating a crisis team for your organization, identify and assess disaster risks, determine the critical and sensitive data and resources, specify backup and off-site storage procedures, as well as test, update, and  maintain the plan.

What do i do if all my data is lost?

If all your data is lost in the event of a disaster, it may take your organization a while to fully recover. Disaster recovery plans work before disaster hits to prevent the loss of your sensitive data.

Who recovers operations and data in the event of a disasteR?

In the event of a disaster, your disaster recovery plan will outline which personnel are included in your disaster recovery team. This team is responsible for working through the steps outlined in your custom plan to execute the processes and procedures and restore operations.

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