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Managed IT Security

IT Security

Protect your organization’s resources

Managed IT security works to prevent unauthorized access to your business resources, networks, and data. It is a set of strategies developed and implemented by our expert technicians to keep your business protected.

Stay ahead of threats

Protect your organization’s data and reputation by staying ahead of cyberthreats such as malware, ransomware, spyware, and viruses.

Controlled Access

Managed IT Security helps ensure that authorized users can access and modify organizational data. You’ll be able to control access permissions through an admin panel.


Keep your sensitive data away from malicious actors and unauthorized users. Managed IT Security works to ensure the confidentiality of your organization’s information.

Secured Data

Managed IT Security works to secure your digital data through your computer network security layer, offering your organization protection from internal and external threats.

Secure your Financial Resources

By enhancing the protection of your digital data, you’ll save your organization from threats that could cost your organization to fix the issue, as well as result in unexpected downtime.

Risk Management

We’ll identify vulnerabilities in your existing IT infrastructure, evaluate those risks, and create a strategy to address each risk to protect your organization’s processes and data.

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Endpoint security provides protection to your organization’s devices, including:

  • Desktop computers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Cell phones

Whether your users are working in the office or remotely, endpoint security ensures that the devices your employees use are protected from threats such as malicious networks.

Network security is a type of IT security that works to prevent unauthorized access to your network. No matter how many endpoints you have, AlphaKOR’s network security strategies will work to secure users both on and off your network. Network security ensures the reliability, integrity, and usability of your organization’s data.

Your business relies on the internet for many, if not all, of your operational duties. It’s important to protect your internet with security measures such as:

  • Firewalls
  • Antivirus protection 
  • Antimalware
  • Antispyware 

Internet security protections are designed to monitor incoming and unwanted internet traffic for threats.

More organizations are trusting the cloud to store their data and applications. As the cloud directly connects to the internet, it is important to secure your organization’s cloud systems so that they are protected against cyberthreats.

Application security adds a layer of protection to the applications that your organization uses to help identify any vulnerabilities in the software. This works to protect your infrastructure from threats that could harm your systems and access sensitive information.


Does Managed IT Security safeguard my organization from internal threats?

Threats such as malware and viruses can exist both internally and externally. Managed IT Security measures work to monitor, detect, and protect your data from internal and external threats.

Is Managed IT Security customized to meet the needs of my business?

Yes, every organization differs in size and IT infrastructure. That’s why our expert technicians assess your organization to determine the best way to secure your technology, network, applications, and more.

Why is Managed IT Security Important?

Cybercriminals are constantly looking for vulnerable IT infrastructures to exploit. Cybercrimes like this are on the rise and can affect organizations of any size. It is critical to protect your organization from these threats in order to prevent catastrophic loss.

What is malware and how can it affect my business?

Malware is any type of malicious software that acts against the interest of a user. Malware can destroy or exploit sensitive organizational data, violate privacy, and more. It is important to protect your business against malware to avoid financial, privacy, and data loss.

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