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Managed Cloud


Tap Into The Power Of Cloud

AlphaKOR will help you with all your cloud needs from start to finish! With AlphaKOR’s Managed Cloud Services, you’ll be able to transform your business processes and unlock the benefits of the cloud.

Improved Infrastructure

Unlock the benefits of a managed cloud infrastructure, including the ability to work anytime from anywhere, data backup and recovery, and enhanced security. 

Enjoy Savings

Reduce your operational costs when you invest in a cloud-based strategy. Managed cloud services work to reduce costs by cutting out on-premise solutions.

Future Proof Your Organization

Ensure that your IT infrastructure scales with your business. AlphaKOR’s managed cloud services work to grow as you grow, offering more flexibility for the future of your business than a traditional IT infrastrucutre. 

Ongoing Management

AlphaKOR’s managed cloud solutions work to support your business operations and provide your organization with ongoing cloud management to keep your cloud processes running smoothly.

Simplified Transition

AlphaKOR will manage your IT planning and create a cloud adoption roadmap to simplify your transition to managed cloud services.

Disaster Recovery

With AlphaKOR’s managed cloud services, your data is safe and secured. In the event of a disaster, AlphaKOR plans and provides disaster recovery solutions to minimize damages and keep you in control of your data.

More Service Information

AlphaKOR’s managed cloud services offer your organization partial or complete management of your cloud infrastructure. We’ll take care of your cloud needs so you can focus on your business growth! Some of the most common benefits experienced by businesses who leverage managed cloud services include: 

  • Focus on business growth and innovation: Leveraging a cloud IT infrastructure greatly reduces the IT resources, application experts, and ongoing infrastructure investment more than traditional infrastructure. Managed cloud services can reduce your operational costs and allow you more time to refocus your resources on your business.
  • Bring your business up to speed: The world of technology changes so rapidly that it can be hard to keep your IT infrastructure up to date. Although a daunting task, keeping your applications, software, and systems up to date is necessary to keep your infrastructure secure. Managed cloud services help to keep your systems updated with the latest improvements, which works to keep your business data secured and provide you with the best features and functionality.
  • Streamline your business processes: Managed cloud services work to streamline your business processes, making your IT infrastructure simple and accessible. AlphaKOR will work with you to determine a unique phased approach to help you transition your processes to the cloud.



What are some example of managed cloud services?

Common managed cloud services include data center management, network management, mobility management, infrastructure management, backup and recovery management, and security management.

What is cloud infrastructure?

Think of cloud infrastructure as the tools needed to build and move your traditional IT infrastructure to the cloud. This includes the hardware, resources, storage, and network capabilities. 

What is fully managed cloud services?

AlphaKOR’s fully managed cloud services offer complete management of your business’s cloud infrastructure, including migration, maintenance, and optimization. 

How can I make sure my data is safe?

We deploy the best security measures to ensure that all of the data that you store on the cloud is safe and secure. You’ll be able to control who can manage and access your data at any time.

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