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Network Perimeter Scan

Computer Network Perimeter Scan

Protect your Network from the Inside out

Prevent cyberattacks on your network with increased network security. Our Network Perimeter Scan solutions work to safeguard your important data from potential cyberattacks and hackers.

Stay ahead of threats

Our Network Perimeter Scan solutions are designed to assess your network’s perimeter to detect potential threats on your system. 

Manage Vulnerabilities

We work to manage network vulnerabilities to improve the strength of your IT infrastructure and protect your corporate data.

Control your assets

Manage and control your assets accessible from the internet. Our Network Perimeter Scans are designed to locate all your corporate information that can be accessed externally so you can manage it with ease.

Easy Implementation

Network Perimeter Scans can be easily implemented across your corproate network so that your workflow is never disrupted. 

Security Inside & out

Our Network Perimeter Scans work to secure the boundary between your private network and the public facing side so that you can manage and control your assets.

Active Scanning

We assess the internal and external perimeter of your network 24/7 with active scanning. This allows us to stay on top of potential threats and avoid being an attacker’s target.

More Service Information

Identify the existing and potential security risks within your network with an internal network perimeter scan. Our network perimeter scan solutions work to scan the inside of your organization’s firewall to detect all securitiy vulnerabilities. By knowing what threats exist, we work to defend your organization’s valuable and sensitive information.

An external network perimeter scan is conducted outside of your organization’s network to identify vulnerabilities such as holes, or a way in, for malicious actors to gain access to your network. 

By looking at your network’s firewalls, we work to defend your network against attackers who can make their way in. 

Our sophisticated security checklist is used to audit your organization’s network. With our security checklist, we’ll assess your network both internally and externally to improve the overall health of your IT infrastructure and protect your data.


What's the difference between an internal and external network perimeter scan?

While both network perimeter scans are conducted similarly, an external network perimeter scan focuses on idenifying vulnerabilities in your network’s firewall. An internal network perimeter scan focuses on identifying threats within your organization’s firewall. Both scans are critical to identifying and addressing weaknesses in your IT infrastructure.

How often should my network's perimeter be scanned?

At the very least, your network should have an internal and external perimeter scan at least once each quarter to stay on top of potential vulnerabilities. 

Why do I need a network perimeter scan?

If you operate a business, you likely have important information that can be accessed online. Once online, your data has the potential to be accessed and exploited by untrusted or malicious actors. Network perimeter scans work to identify these risks, both inside and outside of your network, to safeguard your data.

Do you need access to my network to conduct a perimeter scan?

Yes. Internal network perimeter scans require access to your internal network so that we can assess your network’s firewall. This allows us to identify vulnerabilities in your network as well as insight to address these issues. We do not require access to your network to conduct an external network perimeter scan.

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