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IT Maintenance

Maintenance to keep your business going 

Your IT infrastructure is the backbone of your business. Your hardware, software, and applications keep your business moving and it’s important to maintain the integrity of those systems. Regular IT maintenance is essential to ensure the working order of your IT infrastructure. 

Enhanced Security

Vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure leave weak points for malicious actors to gain access to your business. Our specialists work to address these weak points so your systems secure.

Improved Functionality

Keep your hardware and software running optimally and efficiently with regular maintenance service designed to keep you productive. 

Reduced Long-term Costs

Our specialists will detect vulnerabilities before they happen and address problems before they become disasters, saving your organization unexpected downtime and unplanned expenses.

Minimize Downtime

When your IT infrastructure has vulnerabilities, there is an increased risk for unplanned downtime. IT maintenance will detect and address any vulnerabilities to help you avoid unplanned downtime.

Automated Maintenance

We’ll keep a pulse on your IT infrastructure with regularly scheduled, automated maintenance that assesses your system and addresses weak points right away.

Extended Infrastructure Lifespan

Extend the life of your IT infrastructure with the help of maintenance. The better maintained your system is, the less likely it is to break down.

More Service Information

Is your hardware in tip-top shape? To prevent your IT infrastructure from failing, hardware maintenance is a preventative service that works to physically repair and optimize your hardware. This can include regular tune-ups and per-incident repairs.

Software maintenance covers the repair, troubleshooting, and support of your organization’s software and applications. Our AlphaKOR specialists provide support and maintenance services that work to maintain your software so that your systems are:

  • Always up to date
  • Secured 
  • Installed correctly 
  • Integrated with your other systems and applications 
  • Working efficiently



How often should my IT infrastructure be maintained?

Your IT infrastructure works hard to keep your business afloat. Regular maintenance, at least once a month is important to keep your systems running optimally and efficiently.

Does IT Maintenance help prevent cyberattacks?

Yes, while not all cyberattacks are preventable, regular maintenance on your hardware and software is a preventative measure that can greatly reduce your organization’s risk of threats.

Why should i outsource my IT maintenance?

Having a dedicated team to manage your IT infrastructure’s maintenance means that we can focus on keeping your business running behind the scenes, and you can focus on running your business.

How does maintenance help avoid downtime?

Regular IT maintenance is beneficial in detecting, preventing, and eliminating vulnerabilities within your infrastructure that could otherwise result in unplanned downtime and expenses.

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