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Remote Workplace

Remote Workplace

Enterprise mobility solutions

Equip your organization with all the technology, applications, and security you need for your team to work onsite, from home, or anywhere in between.

Virtual Workplace

Enable your team to work online from anywhere! With cloud applications and technology, your team can access data and communicate from anywhere at any time.

Infrastructure Solutions

AlphaKOR helps get your team ready for working remotely with flexible and innovative infrastructure solutions for your business needs.

Secured Workforce

Remote work can pose security threats if your team is not properly equipped. Let AlphaKOR’s technicians secure your remote workforce with the best software and technology.

Social Collaboration

We’ll deploy social collaboration tools for your remote workforce to allow for 24/7 contribution, file sharing, chat, video, and more. 

Secure Cloud Workspace

We’ll provide your remote workforce with cloud workspaces so that they can access data and applications securely and remotely.

Mobility Solutions

Experience the power of fast and contactless deployment through managed mobility services. We’ll ensure your employees’ devices are secure and ready for remote work.

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The digital shift is here. Many or all of your employees are working remotely, so it’s important to ensure that your workforce is prepared and secured. AlphaKOR works to make your remote workplace a seamless experience. Our workplace virtualization service:

  • Simplifies remote access to applications and data 
  • Secures your data and applications 
  • Creates a cloud workspace
  • Enhanced security monitoring 

Employ your remote workforce with confidence.

Is your organization equipped with the proper infrastructure to deploy your remote workforce securely? AlphaKOR will assess your IT infrastructure to determine your organization’s remote needs and enable your workforce to:

  • Collaborate in real-time 
  • Create, share, and access files 
  • Meet virtually



How do remote teams stay connected?

AlphaKOR can help your remote workforce stay connected through various cloud applications and services that allow your team to collaborate from any device, anywhere, at any time.

Can my remote team access company data?

Yes, through remote workplace technologies we’ll ensure that your employees can access company data and files from any device, anywhere, at any time. We will also ensure that this access is secured.

Is my remote workforce secure?

With multiple endpoints and end-users on different networks, it is critical to ensure that your remote workforce is secure. AlphaKOR uses the latest security solutions to secure your remote workforce.

Can I control who has access to data?

Yes, you can easily monitor, manage, and change various control settings for your data. With user control tools, you can allow or restrict data to files and applications as you choose.

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