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NAV Integration

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Customize your NAV Integration

Integrating Microsoft Dynamics NAV into your system lets your data synchronize automatically without any manual efforts. You just need to create a set of rules for how data will be shared according to your operational needs.

Process efficiency

Do you use Excel spreadsheets for all your data storage? NAV Integration is for you! It enhances your system and function efficiency to let you have your data in a more timely manner. By this, you get to know things on time such as when to move inventory or how to market according to location. Integration leads to better decision-making.


When you get your system integrated with Microsoft Dynamics NAV, you do not need to do any manual data entry which is both time and efforts saving. It eliminates the practice to enter the same data over and over to other systems. Once you set up NAV into your system, data automatically synchronizes as defined by your rules. 

Data Visibility

Visibility to your operation is an important factor when it comes to making critical business decisions. NAV integration leads to that visibility. It gives you a central location to view and manage all your data.

Meeting Customer Demands

With customized NAV Integration, you meet your customer’s demands. It reduces the shipping times and lowers the shipping costs to improve customer services. It helps you make your business solutions easy and convenient for all to work them effectively, and efficiently without any inconvenience. 

customization as per your need

Each NAV Implementation process is unique to each business due to its variations. While choosing a perfect structure it is important to keep the business vision and requirement mindful for a project’s success. Most importantly, it assists to make accurate business decisions with real-time financial reporting and dashboards.

Security and Protection

Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides security with a system that allows administrators to manage user access to the objects and data in the Dynamics NAV database.

More Service Information

NAV Integration influences the capabilities of your operations to streamline key industry across:

  • Manufacturing
  • Warehouse
  • Retail
  • Hospitality
  • Supply Chain
  • Synchronize inventory and product information in real-time
  • Integrate web orders and sales transactions, automatically creating accounting entries
  • Automate customer records management across systems
  • Manage all your items in MS Dynamics NAV and sync with your website


What is Dynamics NAV integration?

Dynamics NAV is an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution by Microsoft that helps businesses to automate and stay real-time connected to their different department.

is Dynamics 365 and dynamics NAV same?
Dynamics 365  is a cloud-based solution service that comes with a selection of apps like outlook and word, while Dynamics NAV is a business software solution, available via subscription, and/or SPLA licensing, that can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.
Is the process of NAV integration easy?

Integrating your NAV ERP isn’t going to take one or two days. It will take longer due to careful preparation, research, and correct resources. If done in hurry without proper research, it can seem to function incorrectly. 

Which database is used for NAV integration?

SQL Server database components configure Microsoft SQL Server to work with Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

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